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美男子塞维尔申请和苹果电脑结婚 自认第三等公民‘kb体育平台地址’
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美男子塞维尔申请和苹果电脑结婚 自认第三等公民‘kb体育平台地址’

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本文摘要:Man sues for the right to marry his Macbook, arguing that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities. 一名男子向法院裁决,指出自己有权和自己的苹果笔记本电脑成婚,理由是如果同性恋者可以成婚,他和电脑也可以。


Man sues for the right to marry his Macbook, arguing that if gays are allowed to marry then so should other sexual minorities. 一名男子向法院裁决,指出自己有权和自己的苹果笔记本电脑成婚,理由是如果同性恋者可以成婚,他和电脑也可以。Mr Sevier, who describes himself as “a former judge advocate and combat veteran”, is persistent, filing claims not only in Florida but also Utah. 这名男子取名为里斯维尔,他回应自己当过军法检察官,是个入伍老兵。他不仅在佛罗里达州上过诉,在犹他州也做到过某种程度的事情。

The Utah claim, which in reality is an attempt to throw a spanner in the works of a gay marriage case in the federal court, runs to 50 pages. 他提交给犹他州法院的上诉状长达50页,诉状中传达了他对联邦法院同性恋者成婚法案的批评。Mr Sevier argues that allowing gays to marry but denying him the same right amounts to discrimination. 里斯维尔称之为容许同性成婚却不容许我和电脑成婚,是一种种族歧视。If gays feel as if they are second class citizens, Mr Sevier argues then “those of us in the real minority, who want to marry machines and animals, certainly feel like third class citizens”. 他说道:“如果同性恋者指出自己是二等公民,那么我们这些少数想要和机器或动物结婚的人岂不出了三等公民。” Mr Sevier apparently sought a marriage licence for himself and his “machine spouse”, but for some reason was denied. 里斯维尔要为自己和他的机器伴侣索取一个成婚许可,但是被拒绝接受了。



Mr Sevier cites legal precedents around the world - including a case where a woman married a dolphin and a Chinese man wed a cardboard cutout of himself. 他还所述了世界各地的合法案例——还包括一名和海豚成婚的女性还有一位和自己刻有的硬纸板成婚的中国男子。“Allowing my marriage to go forward will not adversely impact the fertility rate any more or less than a same sex couples.” “和机器成婚给生育率带给的负面影响和同性婚姻是一样的。


” “In considering the equal protection clause, there are no fewer policy reasons for preventing man-machine couples from marrying than there are for same-sex couples.” “考虑到同等维护条款,禁令同性成婚和禁令人和机器成婚的政策在数量上是非常的。” He said: "in fact, I married it with less risk, even if the marriage was not successful, and we can avoid a heated argument when you divorce. " 他还回应:“事实上,我和电脑成婚风险较为小,就算我们最后婚姻裂痕,我们也能避免在再婚的时候白热化争执撕破脸。Unfortunately for Mr Sevier, the courts in Florida and Utah, found his legal arguments unpersuasive. 意外的是,佛罗里达州和犹他州法院都指出里斯维尔的理由不充份。